Jiangsu chuangheng machinery technology co., ltd. is a key and major enterprise of metal forming machinery production in the field of national machinery industry,which locates in Dagong industry park of Haian,Jiangsu and is near to Shanghai. Our company is committed to R&D, production and sales of sheet metal equipment, specializing in the production of CNC metal sheet grooving machine,CNC press brake, CNC shearing machine, press brake robot and other upscale sheet metal equipment.

Founding Time
Employee Count
Various Products
  • Press Brake
  • Fiber Laser Cuttting Machine
  • V Grooving Machine
  • Shearing Machine

Press Brake

Great press brake to do excellence bendings and flawless jobs. Body and upper beam made of steel constructions, has been designed according minimum stretch and optimum resistance criteria.

Fiber Laser Cuttting Machine

Laser cutting systems have developed into one of the most versatile and affordable metalworking tools. Today's fiber-optic lasers can cut ferrous and non-ferrous materials of different thicknesses utilizing only a photonic beam and assist gasses. Besides the excellent edge finish and high throughput fiber lasers offer blistering speed for thinner applications and high cutting capacities with greater kilowatts. CHUANGHENG CHL-L series Fiber Laser Cutting System features extensive standard options including a shuttle table and available sizes for any metalworking need.

V Grooving Machine

CHUANGHENG two-groovers vertical CNC V grooving machine focus on high-quality strategy and efficient driven.0-150mm double grooves at one time."Made with wisdom" is more.Variable factors can be well-controlled, the distance accuracy from the tooltip to the table can be controlled in the range of 0.02mm.

Shearing Machine

Unique components that reduces maintenance need. Made to run for many years at toughest conditions for great cuts.