● Single platform laser cutting machine 1500-6000W
● Several models for selection
● Positioning accuracy up to ±0.03mm/m,
● Processing format ranging from 3000*1500mm to 8000*2500mm
● Double exchange platforms
● Several models for selection,high power refers to 30000W and above
● Positioning accuracy up to ±0.03mm/m
● Five-stage piercing and perfect finish cut
LT series features:
● Machine adopts welding structure,processed with high temperature annealing,good rigidity,light weight and dynamic performance.
● Adopts an original mechanical structure chuck.Customer can choose two processing mode:no tailing and short tailing.
● The chuck has high compatibility,tube diameter,compatible with round tube, square tube, elliptical tube, shaped tube and so on.It has the absolute advantages of machining thin-walled tube.
● Convenient operation and management,the device comes with a system diagnostic function,which automatically identifies the current problems and provides solutions.
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