● Accurate backgauge positioning up to 0.01mm
● E21S NC Controller with sequence repeat function
● Quick blade clearance adjustment with manual handle shank
● High quality blades for cutting mild steel, aluminium, stainless steel

Machine Description

1. Steel plate welded structure, hydraulic transmission and accumulator return stroke.

2. Indicator based gap adjustment of blades, convenient and swift. Shadow light alignment.

3. Top blade could be adjusted for full stroke or shorter ones. Fence guard for personnel safety.

4. The quality of Swing beam shearing Machine is certified by hydraulic, electrical and mechanical components with high range.

5. The machine's performance, excellent in the standard equipment, can be upgraded with different components and accessories that are characterized by flawless performances even in extreme working.

6. The Option of CNC control panel allows an easier use of the machine optimizing the manufacturing process.


1. Better Cutting accuracy in thin shees at lower rake angle.

2. Hgher cutting capacity at max. Rake angle.

3. Less power consumption.

4. Better safety for operator and machine east production on smaller jobs.

5. Fast products on smaller jobs.

6. NC or CNC up gradation possible.

7. Low noise & smooth operation gives higher efficiency of operator.

FEA & Stress Analysis

Stress Analysis & Finite Element Analysis

The CAE software SOLIDWORKS analyzes the linear staticconstruction, stress, and deformation for press break and lasercutting machine frames. So FEA makes sense for complicatedstructures, highly complex loading, transient modeling, and acombination of the above.

plate shearing machine
shearing machine

ESTUN E21S Control

● High-definition hydraulic display

● Control common motors and frequency converters

● X-axis intelligent positioning

● Multi-step programming, 40 programs   .each program 25 steps

● Built-in time relay function

● One-button function switching

● Unilateral positioning function

● A key backup and restore of parameters

● Chinese and English

● Metric system

Front Tables

Roller ball is installed on the arm with ruler can reduce theabrasion and feeder the machine easily and accurately.

swing beam shear

plate shearing machine

High Quality Blade

Rectangular blade, four cutting edges can be used, long service life, the whole length of the knife edge is provided with safety protection grid.

Hydraulic Hold-down Pads

The lower end of the press cylinder is made of non-metal material, which has certain elasticity and large friction coefficient. When cutting the sheet, the press pad can be in closecontact with the material plate to provide sufficient friction toeffectively prevent the plate from being shaken during the process.

shearing machine

Optional Equipment

● E200PS CNC Controller

● Front Feeding Table

● Back Photoelectric Protection

● Oil Cooler

● Back Photoelectric Protection

● Backgauge with phenumatic support

swing beam shear

E200PS CNC Controller

plate shearing machine

Back Photoelectric Protection

shearing machine

Backgauge With Phenumatic Support

swing beam shear

Front Feeding Table

Feeding the metal sheet automatically controlled by CNC controller with high precision and efficiency.


plate shearing machine

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